Download iTaxotools

Download new tools made available in January 2022, as Windows executables:




Manual and example files for Concatenator, MAFFTpy, FastTreePy


Download iTaxoTools 0.1 as of June 2021:

Download the launcher
(a single executable that includes all tools; so far only available for Windows)

Download the full package
(the most comprehensive version: a compressed folder including executables for all single tools, the manual in PDF format, example files for all tools, and in the Windows version also the launcher)
Note: the Windows and Linux versions are large files, of more than 2-3 GB.
The Mac version only includes a selection of compiled tools.

Download specific modules
(allows to download separately the executables for each tool)

Download the iTaxotools manual

Download the package of example files (ZIP folder)
(a complete set of example files for all tools)